1. gefanganerx   •  

    I’ve only checked “The South Sea Bubble” source aka. #8 http://www.thebubblebubble.com/south-sea-bubble/ and the final sentence of this report, “A proposal was even made in Parliament to place bankers in sacks filled with snakes and thrown into the Thames River!” is hardly grounds to claim this is a fact. While the report you linked is likely based on research of primary resource material, this is not a source about the ‘proposal’, but rather the notion of one at the end of a report on the economic event called “The South Sea Bubble”. It’s hard to believe that this was anything of more significance than doodles in the margin. Sorry for totally being a jerk, but the word “fact” is used too liberally on the internet.

  2. Rene   •  

    Point of order – number 14 might be true, but is in fact not in practice. No one has flame throwers on their cars here. The risks would outweigh the benefit. Also, the cost is too high of the device.

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